Square (Discontinued)

SGD 5.90 SGD 2.95

width // 15mm

length // 3m

The mt fab flocky range has a velvet like texture. The 'Square' roll has a green flocky and silver finish in square designs. Each mt washi tape is made up of Japanese washi paper which can be torn easily by hand, written and drawn on and easily removed and re-applied without leaving an adhesive residue. The superior level of just right adhesion allows MT to be reusable on most of the surfaces.

mt is ideal for temporary decoration, for tiny objects to entire rooms, and for ordinary or special occasions throughout the day. Fill your diary with washi tape and scribble notes on it, brighten up a jam jar or plant pot, decorate a boring picture frame and personalise presents. mt washi tape has become a part of daily life, adding a little colour everywhere.

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