MT EX KL Workshops

Journaling with MT Tape
MT EX KL Workshops

“Creative Journaling and Gift Wrapping with MT Tapes Workshops”

conducted by Ms Szetoo Weiwen, founder of Stickerrific.

THEME: Creative Journaling and Gift Wrapping with MT Tapes!

Want to learn how you can incorporate Washi tapes into your journals to create everlasting memories that are not only functional, but fun to look at? At this workshop, you will learn to:

  • use tapes to create labels, patterns, page markers, bookmarks, & travel road maps
  • create photo layouts for documenting all your day-to-day events and travels
  • use basic bullet journaling techniques and how washi tapes can help keep your life in check and organised!
  • pack parcels, gifts as well as envelopes using techniques such as layering, colour coordination, and pairing them with other materials
  • pack your favourite tapes on the go with MT Maki-Maki!
What to Bring:

All materials will be provided, however you can bring your journal or any notebook of your choice that’s suitable for scrapbooking; as well as your favourite pens, paper bits such as name cards, flyers/leaflets, maps, movie, concert tickets, photos or paper memorabilia, notes and postcards from friends, loved ones or notable events that you have attended recently.


Age Limit:

Participants should be above 12 years of age.

Trainer Profile:

Once a travel writer and photographer, Szetoo Weiwen has been journaling her everyday life and travels which has been made all the more exciting with her discovery/obsession of washi tapes. She now runs a cozy little store called Stickerrific, picking and packing stationeries from all over the world, where they also run a variety of classes such as calligraphy, water-colour and rubber stamp carving classes.