How Nice ! Should We Have One In Singapore?

◎ mt kiosk, open! For a limited time to JR Kurashiki Station Yard “mt kiosk” will open. Location: JR Kurashiki Station premises (in the wicket)

Period: April 1, 2016 – June 30,
Hours: 10 am -18 pm Contact: Kamoikakoshi Co., 086-465-5812
regular holiday: No standard other products of mt, Okayama specialty tape and mugs and T-shirts of mt kiosk limited

The mt original goods, such as will be sold in limited quantities. Okayama specialty tape Paul Cox, Philip Wise
Peaches and grapes by Becker Messrs, Momotaro, such as Bizen mochiIt is seven types of design you-safe. Mt information of sunny country Okayama destination campaign
In addition to also free paper “mt press” a summary of the broadcast is distributed here, cafe maskerTsu To and there is also a Gacha of the same special specifications.
Please come and visit us in search of souvenirs.
(Store photos is an image)

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