Collection: MT x Yamaguchi Ichiro

Ichiro Yamaguchi was born in Otaru, Hokkaido in 1980. He began to play music naturally, learning how to play the guitar after picking up an acoustic guitar that was in his parents home. In 1998, Yamaguchi formed a band with his high school friends from Sapporo Daiichi High School, called Dutchman. In 2010 he wrote the song “Magic Time” from veteran boyband SMAP’s 20th album “We Are SMAP!”. In 2012, Yamaguchi began writing music for several dramatic productions, such as “Boku to Hana”, which was written specifically for the drama Sanjūnana-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku: Kenshūi Junjō Monogatari. In September 2015, Yamaguchi collaborated with electronic musician Aoki Takamasa and fashion brand Anrealage to create a catwalk soundtrack for the brand’s appearance at the Paris Fashion Week.