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MT x Yamaguchi Ichiro Washi Tape - Hana Head

MT x Yamaguchi Ichiro Washi Tape - Hana Head

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MT x Yamaguchi Ichiro Washi Tape - Hana Head

This is MT x Yamaguchi Ichiro Washi Tape - Hana Head, a testament to the renowned Japanese artist's creativity. This tape, boasting a width of 15mm and a length of 7 meters, represents a masterpiece in crafting excellence.

With captivating hana (flower) head illustrations, this washi tape adds an elegant and artistic touch to your projects. Whether you're decorating journals, embellishing cards, or adding accents to gift wrap, this high-quality tape elevates your crafting experience with its unique design.

Crafted with precision from authentic Japanese washi paper, this tape ensures durability and ease of use. Its tearable design allows for seamless application without the need for scissors, while its strong adhesive ensures a secure hold on various surfaces.

Brand MT Tape
Product Type Washi Tape
Collection MT x Yamaguchi Ichiro
Hana Head
Width 15 mm
Length 7 m
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