1. What is MT masking tape?
It is a decorative masking tape that is made with Japanese rice paper (washi) and special non-toxic glue. Thus it is well known as washi tape. It can be used as decoration for walls, furniture, glass windows and doors.

2. What surface can I use MT?
MT can be used on any surface: Wood, Metal, Concrete Walls, Painted Walls, Glass, Tiles, Plastic and even Paper! MT does not leave any residual stains. (Not advised for gypsum walls, as paint may be peel when removing tapes)

3. Is MT waterproof?
Yes, it is water resistant. MT can be pasted onto bathroom and kitchen tiles and sliding glass doors. MT can be wiped with wet cloth while cleaning.

4. Is MT heatproof?
Yes, it is heat resistant. MT can be used to decorate kitchen tiles and cabinets, as long as it is not exposed to open flames.

5. Can MT be re-used?
Yes, MT can be re-used as long as the surface it is applied on is clean and dry. The special glue is maintains stickiness very well.

6. Does MT leave any stains on the surface?
No. Unlike other sticky tack products, MT does not leave glue or oil stains, even after long periods. MT is also stickier and more durable than normal sticky notes.

7. It MT food and environmentally safe?
Yes, MT meets The Japanese Food Sanitation Act standards, and is rated “Excellent” by ÖKO-TEST, an Germany authority for health and environmental product testing.

8. Where is MT from?
MT is made in Japan by Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd., an ISO14001-certified factory producing tapes since 1923.


Other Benefits of using MT masking tapes:

Acid Free
It will not leave any marks or stains on your walls, photographs, posters or other paper products for an extended period of time.
Easy to Remove and Can Be Torn by Hand
Great for wall and furniture decoration, which do not require any tools. Just MT and your creativity! It is also great for temporary decorations like birthday parties and festive decoration like Christmas/Chinese New Year. And you can remove easily without hassle!

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