mt Factory Tour Vol 6

To go to Factory there is only one way…. Take this special mt bus to the tour. (We had 3 different colored buses this time.)/p>

When you arrive to the Factory everyone got the gift from company. mt bag, Factory Tour vol.6 tapes, mt origami.

And now the tour starts!! However inside the Factory we are not allowed to take pictures, therefore if you want to see how mt is manufactured. Please visit our factory tour next year.

After having about 30min of Factory Tour you will come to free area, where you can find our museum, mt shops, art gallery and workshops. In mt museum you will find some mt decorated items such as cars and small house objects well as the Kamoi Kakoshi’s old fly paper manufacture machine and fly ribbon machine. Also the building it self used to be one of old factory building and renovated.


After learning about the history of Kamoi Kakoshi you will reach to art gallery. Every year at Factory Tour we invite artist to decorate and exhibit at our warehouse. This year art project has bee directed by Koji Iyama, the mt art director.

Enjoying mt art director’s art works, you will find the warehouse which many people gather. Yes, it is mt shop!! At mt event limited tapes are sold, and here at Factory Tour we also sell limited edition tapes.

There are more enjoyable place in our facility such as sell by weight corner, workshops, nazorie experience corner and at cafeteria you can enjoy Gacha to try out your luck of the day.

These are not all, there are more not just at factory but we do a lots of collaboration at outside of our factory as well. @Kurashiki (Bikan area (traditional Japanese buildings), KIOSK at Station and nice Sakura season)

Well, there are much more to see…… If you could not visit Factory Tour this year, we are looking forward to see you at next Factory Tour.

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