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mt KAMOI 100th anniversary commemorative set-CRAFT-log

mt KAMOI 100th anniversary commemorative set-CRAFT-log

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mt KAMOI 100th anniversary commemorative set-CRAFT-logcker

Japan's KAMOI Processed Paper Co., Ltd. celebrates its 100th anniversary
From the original fly paper and packaging tape to the birth of stationery mt washi tape
Making full use of Japanese paper and adhesive techniques along the way
I will continue to accompany you all from now on

This time, with the arrival of the 100th anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has always supported KAMOI.
Sending a special 100th anniversary plan with gratitude

Domestic and foreign designers/artists who always help mt bring creative colors
A special design commemorating the 100th anniversary was sent

In the future, mt will continue to cooperate with designers/artists to challenge the possibilities of tape

3 types, 1 roll each (box package)

Material Japanese Paper
Sizes 20mm×7m
Weight 52g
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