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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Mizutama

MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Mizutama

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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Mizutama

The MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets edition washi tape, featuring artwork by Kasumi Tanabe, a talented illustrator residing in Yonezawa City. Kasumi's creative journey began in 2005 when she ventured into crafting eraser stamps. Since then, she has become an accomplished illustrator, having published several picture books and collaborating with a stationery maker. Her impressive portfolio includes numerous written works as well.

Design Message

Congratulations 100th anniversary!
With love for mt, I designed the excitement of using mt with 100th anniversary motif.
We look forward to more colorful and cute mt in the future.

4 types, 1 roll each (box package)

Material Japanese Paper
Sizes 10, 20, 30mm x 7m
Weight 16g
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