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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Philippe Weisbecker

MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Philippe Weisbecker

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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Philippe Weisbecker

Introducing the MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets edition washi tape designed by Ayumi Shino. Ayumi Shino was born in France in 1942 and completed her studies at the French National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. In 1968, she relocated to New York, where she engaged in producing numerous American advertising and editorial illustrations while continuing to pursue her artistic endeavors. Eventually, in 2006, she returned to France. Ayumi Shino has a strong affinity with Japan and had her inaugural solo exhibition at Creation Gallery G8 in 2000.

Notably, in 2020, this artist held a solo exhibition at Gallery Aquad in Tokyo, followed by another exhibition at the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum in Kobe during 2021. ATELIER MUJI GINZA featured a new painting exhibition in 2021 and a HANDMADE exhibition in 2022. Additionally, a solo exhibition was hosted at Gallery Claska and Pearl Gallery from March to April 2023.

It is worth mentioning that they were also involved in creating the official art posters for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Despite their many ventures, they are currently based in Paris, actively showcasing their artwork across Europe, the United States, and Japan.

Design Message

I tried to make the design look like it was made with masking tape and actually made by colored washi paper.
100ans means 100 years in French.
I intentionally wrote it in French so that there would be a bit of mystery, and because I am French.

4 types, 1 roll each (box package)

Material Japanese Paper
Sizes 15, 18, 27mm x 7m
Weight 16g
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