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MT Slim Washi Tape - Cross Stitch


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MT Slim Washi Tape - Cross Stitch

The MT Slim masking tape is incredibly handy for organizing notebooks, whether you need to attach memos or photos, create lines, or add decorative elements. It comes in a vibrant color and is available in a convenient 3-volume set, adding a lively and playful touch to your projects.

Perfect for:

  • DIY Crafts
  • Bullet Journal
  • Card & Envelope
  • Scrapbook
  • Kids and Adults


  • Acid Free
  • There is no chemical odor.
  • It will not discolor your wall, photographs, posters, or other paper products overtime.
  • It is simple to remove and tear by hand.
MT Type  MT Slim Washi Tape
Collection   MT Summer 2023
Width 3mm
Length 7m
Pattern Cross Stitch